Live like your 12-year-old self

Fuel your mind and spirit with your hobbies | Design by rogue Studio

Humans are creatures of habit. We get up, brush our teeth, wash up, eat breakfast, go to work, come home. Maybe this is not your morning routine but go ahead and insert your routine and reflect upon it…

I bet your routine was a lot different as a kid, I bet it looked something like this: Wake up, eat, school, after-school clubs or lessons of some sort, maybe your parents brought you to music lessons or dance lessons, maybe you were in the school play?

I want you to think about your routine week and…

New Year New Favorites

I try to share my favorite typefaces each year, this year I wanted to showcase some designs of mine using my top typefaces. Those who don’t know me, I’m Britton, founder of Rogue Studio a branding & design studio in Brooklyn, we love type, especially bold type. Let’s get into it!

01. Casta

by Dirtyline Studio
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Differentiation is the key to everything

The Power of Branding & Community

Times have obviously changed, but business and commerce are still happening everywhere. People are still buying products and services, but there is a clear trend in people’s buying patterns. People are gravitating toward buying from and supporting brands that they feel aligned to emotionally and spiritually.

People want to support the brands they love, they form this love and connection because of the values of that brand and what and who they stand for. This is not easy, it takes commitment and time to create a brand that feels unique and different in the marketplace.

Building Brand Loyalty

Customers who feel a connection…

Join us in our passion project to create art to celebrate music.

Jam of the week is a passion project started by Rogue Studio. Everyone and anyone can make their own jam of the week. We personally invite you to join us! This project was created as a way of expressing creativity with content that was near and dear to our hearts and to experiment with new techniques and styles that don’t generally get to use on client work. The brief is simple, choose a song that you love and create a custom piece of design for that song. …

Making Mistakes To Grow

In western culture or maybe just all cultures we view failure as a terrible “negative” thing, but if we never failed we would never learn. No one is the absolute best at something the moment they try it. To become the best at something it takes practice, patience, and persistence. Our greatness is the sum of all of our failures. We have to fail in order to learn.

There are two sides to every story, for every failure, there is a lesson learned. …

We all have experienced bad product and service design, unfortunately, we have to deal with it all the time. Likewise, we have all had the pleasure to interact with great design, like the Swiss Army Knife, the I love New York logo or even the push-pull signs on doors. All of these are constant reminders of the way strong design can be at the heart of both disruptive and sustained commercial success.

There are massive commercial benefits of designing great products and services, but consistently realizing this goal is of achieving great design can be notoriously hard — and getting…

Be you, because you are amazing!

Just to be perfectly clear, I don’t want you to murder, kill, or mortally wound anyone. All I am asking of you is to open your mind to an idea…everyone you idolize started out like you. Every one of your heroes is flesh and blood just like you. They were thrust into this world, out of their mother’s womb covered in fluids in some hospital or bathtub and raised by some human or humans’ somewhere in the world. …

3 lessons I have learned while running my creative business

This is a summation of the lessons and skills that I have learned while leading teams in the design world. These lessons translate across all industries, but I feel that these lessons are especially important in the world of art and design where there is not a ton of leadership training done.

Lesson 01 — Giving Up Your Ego

I learned very early on in my career as a team leader that I did not always have the best ideas for a project, though my ego wanted me to have…

Branding & Digital Design Studio


Introducing Rogue Studio which was formerly Britt. Digital, but gone are the days where it was just me “Britton Stipetic” in my bedroom freelancing. 2018–2019 was really good to me, and over the course of that time the stars aligned on this newest chapter. I am so proud and excited to announce that we have officially opened Rogue studio in Red Hook Brooklyn!

Rogue Studio is a digital design studio, offering award-winning brand identity and digital design to forward-thinking companies. …

Live Your life Beyond Work

This article is for everyone who has felt tired and mindless at the end of their workday. We will explore the reasons why and how to maximize our time and nights to recharge and get back on the horse the next day.

There is something to be said for working hard. Without hard work, goals would not be met and dreams would be left unaccomplished. Often we pride ourselves on our work ethic, and our ability to get shit done; and why wouldn’t we? It feels good to crush the work day, receive praise from…

Britton Stipetic

Founder / Creative Director of Rogue Studio in Brooklyn New York. Building beautiful brands and digital experiences daily.

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